Though it may seem like a far way off, many of our local schools are already in the midst of planning graduation/ post-graduation events for the end of the 2020 school year. As an event planner, teacher, school employee, PAC member or parent volunteer, you may be juggling a myriad of ideas to keep your grads entertained during this noteworthy time. Often times, I hear from clients who want to break the mold and introduce fresh ideas into these celebrations. In comes our stunning Beauty Mirror Booth, with all of its bells and whistles! Here are some great ways to incorporate our premium photo booth services into your next grad event:


Whether graduating from an elementary school, middle school, high school, post-secondary instiution or technical school, students want to emblazon this milestone. What better way than to have a photo booth capturing photos? Everything from our backdrop, props, animations and photo overlays can incorporate grad-related elements to tie into any and all themes. Students can celebrate this special moment with their fellow classmates and families to create a memorable keepsake to take home. Having our Beauty Mirror Booth on-hand is a small gesture with maximum impact, showcasing to your school’s community that you recognize your students’ accomplishments, and celebrate in their successes.


Proms are one of the central highlights of a young adult’s life – with the fancy formal attire and spectacular party that the schools work so tirelessly to plan. What better time to capture the students’ excitement than with our Beauty Mirror Booth? So many photo booths on the market may take a photo, but they can be a real eye sore at a high-end function. Choose a booth that will elevate the formality and lend to the glitz and glamour! Beautifully dressed grads deserve an equally attractive booth to capture their memories, and our booth can offer just that. Its chic and elegant aesthetic can really enhance the ambiance and contribute to creating a party that the grads will never forget!

Dry Grads

Keeping students entertained all night long is a lofty endeavour and requires meticulous planning and thoughtful consideration. Our photo booth can be booked for a portion of the evening to keep students occupied with a fun and interactive activity, and produce high-quality texted and printed photos to share. Students can visit our booth for unlimited sessions during the rental period, and engage with our multi-player games and options to draw on photos and add cute emojis.

Our Beauty Mirror Booth is a versatile product that can be customized every step of the way to maximize the fun and ‘hijinx’ of any party. Knowing that most schools have tight budgets, we can also offer discounted rates to ensure that our booth is within your budget. Happy planning, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!