The special events industry is a dynamic field that is in a constant state of flux. As event professionals, it is up to us to follow the trends as they arise, determine what might be a fleeting fad versus what is a long lasting change, and proactively align our services to meet our clients’ wants and needs.

Hi-Jinx Entertainment has teamed up with a diverse roster of talented and experienced professionals to provide you with some insight into what to expect for the upcoming year. Whether you’re an event professional yourself, or you’re simply planning an event in the near future, the advice gleaned from this fabulous group will prove invaluable in your endeavours.



The MacLeans are a Pitt Meadows based hubby-wife wedding photography team that exude charisma and passion for their craft. Kelsey and Morgan effortlessly connect with their couples and go the extra mile to ensure that they capture those super sweet and intimate moments. Here Kelsey outlines some of the insight she has gained from the countless weddings she has captured:

“We are seeing a lot more of our couples moving away from traditional wedding practices, and a lot more of our couples are doing what they want, as they want, with whom they want. It’s so romantic and intimate seeing our couples do a first look with each other just because they cannot wait a second longer to see their bff, ceremonies by candle light, personalized vows that hold so many inside jokes and promises, skipping the fancy fondant cake and opting for a donut wall or handmade pies by their grandma, and the freedom our couples have for love of all kinds promising each other forever.”

– Kelsey MacLean of The MacLeans Photography & Videography


Event Planning & Decor

Partytree Event Rentals is a boutique event planning and décor company based in the Fraser Valley. The founder and event planner, Steph Shamji, specializes in designing a wide range of events, and bringing her clients’ visions into fruition. She also carries a robust rental inventory of linens, lighting and décor pieces that will enhance any style of function. Here Steph imparts her observations on working with her brides and grooms-to-be for the 2020 wedding season:

“It looks like outdoor weddings are still going strong with tents and lighting. All [of] the decor is simple, which lets nature be the star. Colors are neutral with greens. I love this relaxed look”.

– Steph Shamji of Partytree Event Rentals & Services



A Moveable Feast Catering is a full-service catering company that has been providing wholesome meals that boast quality ingredients, mouth-watering presentations and professional service to their North Shore clientele for over two decades. The owner and head chef, Mina Petrovich, has shared her thoughts on the direction that clients are moving towards when taking food and beverage into consideration:

Chef Mina mentions that “elevated comfort food [is on the rise] for those special occasions. The trend is more focused on organic, farm-to-table, sustainable, plant based, etc. All trendy words, but consumers are being more active and aggressive with what goes in their mouth and what they would like to feed their family and friends.  The power of food and ‘healing’ seems to be a common sentiment these days.”

– Mina Petrovich of A Moveable Feast Catering


DJ Services

Lazarus Stark of The 01 Music in Washington, DC is renowned as a rock star and creative guru in the event production and entertainment industry. This industry veteran brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into creating noteworthy experiences for his high-end corporate and private clientele. Lazarus imparts his over 20 years of wisdom into assessing the trends that await us for the upcoming year and beyond:

“The biggest thing for 2020 is the visual elements in DJing. From facades and uplighting to live musicians to video walls with REAL VJing (don’t get me started on 90% of the stuff that passes for VJing) it’s become more about bringing the ‘live’ energy that live bands were always able to bring to an event. The DJs who are standing politely behind a 6′ table and not engaging the crowd in any big way are going to begin to fade out starting in 2020. Always push the boundaries when it comes to what’s possible and encourage your vendors to be creative and bring you ideas… you hired creative people for their creativity, now it’s the time to truly allow us to CREATE for you!”

– Lazarus Stark of the 01 Music


Photo Booth

Hi-Jinx Entertainment prides itself in providing a premium, unique photo booth experience that is sure to elevate and enhance any style or formality of event. Our customers and their guests are constantly in awe of our level of professionalism, and how our Beauty Mirror Booth draws in a crowd and engages each and every person who come across it.

“Customization and engagement are key elements for upcoming events. Clients value having a personalized experience that is tailored to their specific event, not just a one-size-fits-all approach. We accomplish this by providing branded start screens, animations that are hand chosen for their event, photo overlays that suit the theme of their event and more. In terms of engagement, event organizers and hosts are more inclined to choose an entertainment option with which their guests can directly interact. They want people to be involved and provide their personalized touches wherever possible. By offering various enhancements such as the ability to write messages on photos and add emojis, guests can add their flare and personality to what might otherwise be a mundane experience.”

– Sheliza Dewji-Harris of Hi-Jinx Entertainment


As is the case when embarking on any endeavour, knowledge is power, and incorporating these professionals’ years of experience can provide you some guidance as you wade through the complex and fascinating world of event planning where anything and everything is possible! I’m sending a big ‘thank you’ to our partners for sharing their thoughts on 2020 event trends. Please visit their websites and follow them on Instagram for more great inspiration and ideas!