Have you been considering hiring a photo booth for your next company function, but you’re wondering if you really NEED one? Or if you’re pondering what value it can bring to your company’s next shindig, here we highlight some of the benefits:

Staff Engagement
As we’ve spouted time and time again, entertainment at special events have largely transitioned from passive activities to more interactive elements that engage your guests directly. Your people are what MAKE your event, so keeping their needs and their level of amusement in mind will set your event apart from all others.

Our Beauty Mirror Booth can bring the ‘hijinx’ and contribute to that party vibe you’re hoping to achieve. The touch screen, hand-picked animations, multi-player games, and ability to add emojis and photo signing add another dimension to the photo booth experience you might otherwise be accustomed to hiring. Our booth provides the end product of fun photos (available through text, e-mail or hard copy prints), but also makes guests part of the whole process. This adds to the entertainment while creating a fun, bonding experience that can boost staff morale. It shows that you care about your people and that they’re worth something as unique and special as they are.

The endless options for customization that our booth offers are a major factor that sets it apart from alternatives on the market. Our start screens and photo overlays can be branded with your corporate logo and/ or images that reflect the nature of your business, serving to showcase the products/ services that you offer. This also reinforces your brand to your employees and guests, and aligns them further with your company’s identity.

No matter what goals your event aims to achieve, our premium photo booth service can foster teamwork, loyalty and good times with your valued staff.