Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, I’m sure that you’ve come across a photo booth at any number of events. You’ll find them at wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, company holiday parties, city-wide public events and more. You may be considering booking a photo booth for your upcoming event, and if so, you’ve come to the right place! In case you’re on the fence, perhaps the following points can help hasten the decision making process and reinforce the value that a photo booth can bring to your next soirée!

After spending hours poring over Pinterest boards brainstorming ways to elevate and enhance your reception, I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon a boatload of awesome ideas. The more time I spend entrenched in the Special Events industry, the more I see the desire for clients (and especially brides and grooms) to make their mark. Recycling the same old ideas can get tiresome, and they don’t necessarily reflect the unique personalities of our clients. In comes our Beauty Mirror Booth! Most traditional photo booths will offer a blanket experience that lacks the personal touch that we’re all seeking to incorporate. Our booth can be customized to match your style from the initial ‘Touch to Start’ screen down to the types of animations and the photo layout.

The booth itself won’t be an eyesore that looks like a foreign object plunked into the middle of your beautifully designed reception space, but rather, a showpiece that will complement any style of decor. It suits a more refined style with its almost futuristic appearance, while at the same time boasting an elegant aesthetic that can pair well with a traditional decor scheme, as well. Every aspect of your wedding is chosen with thoughtful consideration so why not choose a booth that reflects your refined tastes?

Birthdays only roll around once per year (and milestone birthdays even less so), so why not commemorate this special day with a photo booth that will celebrate the guest of honor to the fullest extent? Planning a 70’s themed party for your Dad’s 60th? Then dust off those bell bottoms from the back of your closet, and pose for a photo in front of our ‘Disco Sparkle’ backdrop! We can even offer a selection of customized props to suit the style and theme of your party. When pulling off a specific theme, consistency is key, and you’ll want every aspect of the party to tie in. Our photo keepsake will also serve as a memorable take-home for your guests to remember this special day for years to come!

Corporate Events
Whether you are hosting a company Christmas party or business launch, reinforcing brand identity is a central goal. Our booth can incorporate numerous elements of your brand, including logos in your start screen and printed/ emailed/ texted photo templates. You want your brand to stand out amongst competitors, while showing clients that you operate on the precipice of cutting edge technology, and demonstrate to your employees that they are valued assets to your team. All of this and more can be achieved through utilizing the wide array of customizable options that our booth offers.

No matter what the style of your event, trust that a photo booth can offer a value added experience that will wow and impress your guests! Need more convincing? Check out a video of our Beauty Mirror Booth in action here!