You’re in the early stages of planning your event, and you’re considering a wide range of activities that can keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the party. You remember the time that you were at your cousin’s wedding earlier in the year, and they had a really fun photo booth that seemed to be the hit of the party. But wait – you don’t want to seem like you’re just copying them, do you? And you want something DIFFERENT – something that will set you apart from the rest, and really ‘wow’ your guests. You stumble across Hi-Jinx Entertainment’s premium ‘Beauty Mirror Booth’ and think how neat of an addition it would be at your own event. But how would the booth fit into the space? At what point in the evening would it be running? How will this whole production flow from a logistical standpoint?

These are the types of questions that I am accustomed to fielding when dealing with prospective clients, and as a certified Event Planner and accredited Wedding Planner, I am certainly qualified and equipped to help them wade through these concerns. Here I will try to share some commonly held inquiries when it comes to our photo booth, and how it can fit into your next event.



Often times, I get asked at which point in time is most appropriate to be operating our photo booth during the course of an event. More often than not, hosts like to have our booth up and running as guests initially filter into the space. This gives them a place to focus their attention right off the bat. When guests arrive in an event space, they usually make it a point to grab a drink, and then there is that awkward lag where you’re just surveying the room and getting a feel for the vibe. Our Beauty Mirror Booth offers an amusing and interactive way to ease into the event and loosen up any tension.

Depending on the style and timeline, there is typically a pre-scheduled program of sorts, which may include a formal meal, speeches, awards, etc. During this period, we can temporarily shut down the booth so that guests can give their undivided attention to your thoughtfully laid out activities. After the formal program has ended, then we usually start up again in time for the nighttime entertainment of music and dancing. Depending on a few factors (the location of the event, the length of the downtime, etc) there may be a small fee associated with this ‘idle time’, as it’s referred to in the photo booth world. With this option, you can break up your operation period (i.e. – you have booked a 4 hour package, and you can allocate 1 hour for the start of the event, and the remaining 3 hours for later in the evening).



Another question I am asked frequently is where might be the best place to set up our Beauty Mirror Booth. This really depends on a multitude of factors, but mainly, how much space you have at your disposal. In most cases, we are set up in a large ballroom or function room of sorts. In which case, the optimal location is one of the corners of the room. Our backdrop should be flush against the wall, with the booth approximately 6 – 8 feet in front of it. This distance gives us the ability to squeeze in large groups for those super epic shots! We operate at our best with a 10’ x 10’ flat area (and bonus points for not having us contend with any stairs or lips, so that we can wheel in all of our equipment with ease!) This space also factors in a table for our super high-tech, high-speed printer, as well as a table for our selection of props that help elevate the amusement and ‘hijinx!’

If you plan to have us operating for only a portion of the event (and not the full duration), then our skillful team will most likely set up the booth in its entirety prior to the guests’ arrival. This will prevent us from causing a commotion in the midst of your event, or detract guests’ attention away from your program. It is always recommended to have all of your attendees walk into a perfectly polished area where all components are set up and ready to roll. This really lends to that ‘wow’ factor that we are all trying to achieve.

If there is a secondary room or an off-shoot space, then we can certainly operate our booth from there, as well. Depending on your vision for the event, sometimes flow throughout various areas is encouraged. Other times, hosts prefer to have all activities contained in a singular space to avoid crowds dispersing and potentially missing out on announcements or other elements.



So how does it all work? Well, our Beauty Mirror Booth tends to draw in a crowd from across the room, with its mesmerizing LED light ring and bold interface, almost serving as a conversation piece. Once your guests approach the booth, they are greeted by one of our friendly team members. They are welcome to grab a prop or sign from our selection, and proceed to pose in front of your pre-selected backdrop. The screen will feature one of our many ‘Touch to Start’ screens or perhaps a customized one that we have created especially for your specific event. Once selected, the booth will trigger the sequence that we have uniquely crafted for your event which can include a series of one, two or three photos. In addition, we can include a variety of games, e-mail/ text message options, as well as the ability to sign your photos by hand or add in a fun emoji for a personal touch. Guests can then select how many hard copy photos they would like printed, and our printer does the rest of the work. The whole process flows quickly and seamlessly! For a larger event with 100+ attendees, we will create a shorter workflow so that everyone can get through the line efficiently, and nobody leaves without interacting with our photo booth. For more intimate parties, we can incorporate more functionalities and further enhance the experience, without worrying about long lines forming.

If you are facing any additional questions, concerns or roadblocks in determining if our Beauty Mirror Booth is the right choice for your event, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we would be happy to provide you with more information! Please contact us by phone, e-mail or filling out our handy contact form: